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Every WordPress site needs it

Because retain a customer is easier than to acquire new,
it's essential for your business to provide customized solutions to the real needs of this one.
Simplify WordPress is simplify the life of your client.
Increase quality while reducing your costs and increasing your customer satisfaction?
It's a reality with WP Admin UI.

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A glimpse of WP Admin UI

Customize everything

Dashboard, login screen, metaboxes, admin menu, admin bar, columns, third plugins... and so much more.

Import / Export settings

You manage dozens of websites? Avoid reconfigure everything, thanks to our import / export tool.

Role Manager

Apply each setting to specific roles for maximum customization.

Manage your
WordPress Admin

Optimize your backend

A white label interface with no trace of WordPress? Nothing could be simpler with our plugin, without any knowledge of code required, put your client logo, change WordPress footer credits...

Customize your admin

Change your admin color scheme (8 additional provided), remove unnecessary metaboxes / columns in custom post type, reorder/hide admin menus, add media filters, customize editor...

Manage Wordpress UI

Thanks to our Role manager, each setting can be apply to specific roles. And speed up your workflow with our import / export tool.

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Things you can customize

Login screen

Custom logo, custom background image, custom css...


Remove unwanted dashboard widgets...

Admin menu

Remove menus/submenus, reorder them with drag and drop like a navigation menu...

Admin bar

Remove unwanted items in admin bar...


Remove unwanted metaboxes in custom post type, pages and posts...


Remove unwanted columns in view posts, pages and custom post types list...

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Amazing premium features

Our Pro version provides a lot of additional features to customize columns, metaboxes, third plugins (WPML, Woothemes, Yoast SEO...)...

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Benjamin Denis

Benjamin Denis

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Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

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