If I don’t renew/cancel my license, is the plugin will stop working?

No. WP Admin UI will continue to work normally but you will no longer have access to future updates and premium support.

Is there a free version of WP Admin UI?

Yes. WP Admin UI is a freemium plugin. The main base is totally free, but premium features and support need the paid release. Check our prices.

On how many sites can I use WP Admin UI?

The free version can be used on unlimited sites. However, the premium version is limited to a number of sites, depending on the level of your license. Check our prices.

Do I need to learn code?

No. WP Admin UI is a super easy plugin. Everyone can use it seconds!

If I disable / remove the plugin, my WordPress administration will be broken?

Your WordPress administration will be exactly as you left it before installing the plugin.

Can I use WP Admin UI on a multisite setup?

Never tested.

Can I use WP Admin UI on WordPress.com?

No. Only self hosted WordPress installation.

How many languages are available?

English and French. You can translate it using Poedit.

Can I import/export WP Admin UI settings?

Yes in WP Admin, WP Admin UI, Import / Export page.

Is it possible to configure each settings for specific roles?

Yes. In WP Admin, WP Admin UI, Role manager.

I defined some settings but it doesn’t seem to work?

Make sure you have configure everything in Role manager page.


No. Never.